Interested in Hosting a

Malheur Works Intern?

Malheur Works Summer internship positions are full time and will run mid-June through mid-August

How do internships benefit employers?

Internships positively impact employers, students, schools, and communities. If you are considering hosting an intern at your company, potential advantages include:

  • Evaluating potential employees creating a talent pipeline

  • Increasing company diversity while accessing specialized skills and knowledge

  • Enhancing company visibility in a competitive market

  • Expanding community and workforce capabilities by developing youth career pathways

The best internships provide youth with real-world experience that helps shape their future career and collegiate aspirations.

Employer partners should be able to:

  • Have a supervisor for the intern

  • Provide office or floor space for working

  • Hire an intern full-time at or above minimum wage for nine weeks (start and end dates are flexible)

  • If an organization is unable to provide full-time wages, please contact Malheur Works for funding options

  • Allow time for interns to attend weekly Professional Development Workshops with Malheur Works team

Malheur Works takes care of:

  • Outreach for all internship positions

  • Receiving and reviewing applications

  • Filtering candidates based on desires and aptitude

  • Sending applications to host site for review and selection

  • Facilitating weekly Professional Development Workshops for interns throughout their employment

How to apply to host an intern:

  1. Complete the Host Site Application

  2. Complete the Job Description Template for the position and submit it to

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Malheur Works at or call (541)473-4846.